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I am delighted to announce that I will host two roundtables at FRDY on Friday, June 14. The theme of the roundtables is Trauma-Informed Fundraising - the Fundraiser and the Donor. Our goal is to understand the science of trauma-informed care and adopt a practical trauma-informed approach to fundraising. The first is from 8:30 to 9:30 in the Marquis Ballroom. For more info The first is from 8:30 to 9:30  the second session is from 3:35 to 4:15 pm in the Marquis Ballroom.  I hope we will see you there as we create a space to discuss this important subject. For more info

Making Gift Giving Easier

Last time, we looked at the importance of segmenting your data when creating a renewal mailing or acquisition. Now, let's jump to the most essential part of the direct mail package, and I am talking about something other than the letter. The crucial part is your reply device or devices. Yes, there are more than one reply device in your mailing, some virtual, but one is physical and tucked into the letter: your reply envelope. There are two types: complimentary envelopes and business reply envelopes.

The Complimentary envelope, typically a number 9 envelope, bears the organization's return address and requires a stamp for mailing.

The Business Reply envelope(BRE) is also a number 9 envelope, but it does not only have the return address but also does not need a stamp. 

I am a great proppnent of the BRE. Your appeal needs one  -  because how many postage stamps do you have readily available? We are already asking the donor to write a check or fill in their credit card info, and now we want them to find a postage stamp! Well, it just doesn't happen that much. Your appeal is put to the side until "I find a stamp." Acstamp that rarely appears.

As I see it, our direct mail job is to remove as many obstacles as possible between the donor and the gift. The large text means it can be read without glasses, and the prefilled name and address mean less for me to fill in. Finally, the donor can just put the envelope in the mail without looking for a stamp.

Some people will go to your website, and some will use the QR code, but a significant number will use the reply device and the enclosed envelope. Shouldn't the envelope help, not hurt, your return rate?

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