Tips for Thoughtful Videos - Part 1


Do not get me wrong I am a firm believer that the best way to fundraise is through the act of telling a story. Telling your story and listening to your prospects story creates a relationship that will very likely lead to a gift.

Thank goodness the days of forcing VHS tapes and DVD’s on to donors and prospects have passed. I have always wondered if anyone ever actually sat down and watched them anyway. Today, we can use email, social media, and our websites to get our video in front of our intended audiences. In fact, you can search a sites like YouTube or Vimeo and find hundreds of fundraising video examples.  The easiest thing to do is to go to a video site and type in the name of your favorite charity (or one similar to yours ) and you will find a trove video examples. There are lots of great articles about video and social media, in fact, you can find a some of them in the Shared Articles section of this blog. This is a link to a favorite of mine. 

 So can a video be used to create a successful ASK – well maybe? Come to think of it maybe we are looking at this all wrong. Maybe the job of a video is not to actually solicit gifts but to create a different type of relationship between a prospect and a charity. Just maybe a good video, shall we say, primes the pump. The question then becomes what type of video you should be using and how do you get it out to your donors and prospects.

The first question is what type of video you should be producing. Typically, I find that there are three types of videos.       

So which of these form are of the most interest to you?  Leave a comment on which type you would want to learn about and in the next post on September 16, we will look focus on that type.  But don't worry we will go over all three. We will spend a little extra time on your choice, so please leave that comment

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