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: serious and quiet because you are thinking: done or made after careful thinking   : done or made after careful thinking: showing concern for the needs or : showing concern for the needs of feelings of other people

Trauma-Informed Fundraising - Understanding your role and the donors.


I am delighted to announce the time and date of our presentation at AFPICON. Our "Trauma-informed Fundraising - the Fundraiser and the Donor"  program will be on Monday, April 17, at 10:15. I don't know the room yet, but I'll try to email it out once we know.

Lisa and I are preparing an interactive journey to examine the situations we face at fundraisers and how those situations can affect our lives. Then there are the donors. How much do we understand about them beyond the data? Do we really understand their needs and desires, and how do our needs and desires intersect?

I hope we see many of you at the AFPICON in New Orleans.


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