Trauma-Informed Fundraising - Understanding your role and the donors.


I am delighted to announce that, along with Lisa Temoshok LMHC, I will be presenting a session at AFP ICON 2023 in New Orleans. Lisa specializes in strength-based, holistic counseling for adults, including EMDR. Somatic Psychotherapy, Internal Family Services, Mindfullness-based CBT, and other trauma-informed therapies. Our session is entitled "Trauma-Informed Fundraising - Understanding your role and the donors." 

A little background: the word trauma is Greek (τραύμα) and in Greek means "wound." Trauma is a response, either emotional and/or physical, that happens when there is an external threat and your internal and external resources are inadequate to cope with the threat

Natural disasters or physical assaults can activate an acute traumatic event. Chronic traumatic situations like domestic abuse, housing, or food insecurity can also cause trauma. These are the most dramatic causes of trauma, but there are seemingly "everyday" situations that can cause trauma. One may experience trauma at any point in their life. As fundraisers, we know this well. 

Our session will look at some of the situations we find ourselves in as fundraisers and what effect they may be having on our lives and examine ways to understand, talk about and hopefully deal with trauma.

AFP will announce the date and time of our session in late February. I will let you know as soon as it is. I look forward to seeing you there.

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