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Doing An Event In Our New Reality

So you want to do a Fall event! Besides all of the regular things, one has to figure out the price, venue, theme, managing the committee, and sending invites. Now we have to worry about COVID. No one wants their event to be a super spreader or even a minor spreader. So what to do? It seems to me we have three options -

  1. Require proof of vaccination
  2. Suggest that the event is for the vaccinated
  3. bite your lip and hope that only people who are vaccinated attend.

Or course, you can also add a statement that says, "Please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. " But will that work? Will people be honest? What happens if people get sick after attending the event? Should people have to sign a waiver? Will that put a damper on the event? 

Boy, there are so many questions and so few answers since we are all doing this for the first time. The thoughtful way to solve this problem is to note on the invitation that masks must be worn if not fully vaccinated. That way, people are forewarned, and also, you are showing that you are conscious of people's concerns. Then I would have the venue put up a sign that says, "Please Wear A Mask If Not FULLY Vaccinated." 

The general counsel of an organization I know recommended that you can add a statement that says something like, "Attending this or any in-person event has a certain exposure by attending, you agree not to hold the presenting organization liable for any adverse outcomes." I am not so sure about that kind of statement. I am not sure how thoughtful having a statement like that on your invitation is for your guest, but I guess it is an option. 

Thoughtfully speaking, I would state in the invitation: "We will be following the masking mandates of the jurisdiction in which the event is being held. That way, if the mask rules change, you are covered. 

We are all facing new challenges in our fundraising, but I think the event area is the most challenging. I am sure, though, that if we approach each challenge thoughtfully, we will succeed. 


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