2018 AFP Fundraising Day New York Conference

What will you learn?  Who will you meet? Check back here to see how Thoughtful the day was.

I'll be posting after the conference on some of the emerging trends and old standbys that we should be putting in place in 2018.  FRDNY is a great place to catch up and renew your "thoughtful" fundraising spirit. Also, I'll be helping out with the early session of mentoring- so drop by and say hello.


As always it was a great day.  I met some great people doing amazing work.  The Solution Center was filled with vendors offering the latest in fundraising tools and ideas.  While at the NYU Heyman Center booth I met a number of people who were looking for classes that would help them grow their skill set.  As for the sessions, my favorite was on Case Studies for Major Campaigns.  We have a blog post coming up about case studies and it was great to hear different voices concerning what this tool needs to have in order to be useful. 

All in all, it was a very thoughtful day. 

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